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  1. What is the situation that brings you to this site?

  2. Are your perceptions of that situation accurate?

  3. What assumptions are you making?

  4. What evidence do you have that your assumptions are correct?

  5. Given the situation, what do you want?

Good questions open your mind to the unlimited possibilities that lead to your success. Answers limit those opportunities. Most people focus on answers.

We ask you simple questions, like the five above, to lead you to explore your perceptions, expand your possibilities and help you improve the management of your business and of your life.   


Leading Accountability for Results

Given the situation, what do you want?

Without knowing what you want you cannot know how to achieve it. Most people do not define what they want in enough detail to know what it is; their criteria for success. They react, deciding what to do rather than getting clear about the results they are looking for. They may never ask themselves this question or take the time to create an appropriate answer. It is the most important question you can ask in almost any situation.  

Leading People to Lead Themselves

25 Years   Leading People to Lead Themselves

25 Years    Leading Accountability for Results

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