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Measure Your People and Culture:

  • Assessment

  • Proprietary Benchmarks

  • Culture Surveys

  • 360 Surveys

  • Employee Surveys

  • Growth Assessment

  • Prioritized Management

  • Innovation Management


Coach Individuals:  Two coaches for every client. Behavior oriented and business oriented.

  • Management - C Level to Middle Management

  • Leadership

  • Self-evaluation

  • Engagement

  • Personal Operating Systems


Train Groups of Employees and Owners Including Front Line Workers:

  • Accountability

  • Leadership

  • Conflict – Crash or Create

  • Lead Management

  • Be the CEO of Your Role

  • Effective Meetings

  • Managing Change

  • Cross-Functional Teamwork


Consult on Business Operations and Opportunities:

  • Many industries served including: high tech, manufacturing, healthcare, service, finance and government.

  • Direct experience as owners and managers in distribution, manufacturing, consumer services, machinery, home improvements, exporting, private equity, television production, turn arounds and many others.    


Intervene at Any Level to Overcome Your Conflicts and Performance Challenges:

  • Individuals

  • Teams

  • Departments

  • Business Units and Divisions

Planned Innovation:

  • Problem identification

  • Manage the innovation continuum

  • Select and train the tight team 


If you don’t see what you need describe your situation to us. We have a solution that fits almost all people focused business challenges.


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