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In most organizations, only 30 to 40 percent of employees are totally engaged in their work. People are engaged when they care about the overall results of the organization and look for additional ways to contribute when they have less work to do or when they see an opportunity to add to the success of the group or organization beyond what is expected of them.  They act as owners; as if they have a stake in the results and benefits that the organization produces. Engaged people are emotionally committed.  


About 10 to 15 percent of employees are totally disengaged. Those who are disengaged show up each day to get a pay check and will do as little as possible to keep their money and benefits flowing.


The people in the middle represent your greatest potential for gains in achieving KPI’s, developing new products and processes, meeting growth targets, satisfying customers and improving profits. Most of these employees, the 45 to 60 percent who are partially engaged, can be motivated to move into the realm of full engagement if you deliberately address what drives their thinking and behavior.


Whether it is one person you want to engage or whole groups or teams, we have the tools to diagnose the challenge and the experience, mental models, processes and other solutions to move people to higher levels of engagement, productivity and commitment. We help you lead people to lead themselves.

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