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Leverage Strengths

Develop the CEO


What does it mean to be a CEO? The answer is different depending on the number of people in your organization; what we call your stage of growth.  The more full and part time employees, the more complex your business becomes. A CEOs role changes in each stage. Your financial position and your personal strengths also add to the equation we use to define your role. A CEO running a small, personally or internally financed business may have to spend more time raising money and driving cash flow than one who is financed by venture capital. A CEO of a company of 30 people will have to be more focused on learning to delegate effectively than one who is leading a business of 100 people whose focus must be on aligning and engaging employees.  


Our expertise in identifying what you need to think, do and focus on to be an effective CEO in each stage of growth comes from over 40 years of managing and consulting in small and large businesses throughout the US. We measure where you are in your development, where your company is in its growth and the specific obstacles you face in your unique business. Then we support you with consulting, coaching and training to apply your distinctive strengths to accelerate the growth of your organization. And we help you solve immediate problems with people, processes and strategy as you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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