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When individuals or groups repeatedly fail to deliver what you expect or they behave in ways that are disruptive to your purpose, your organization experiences losses in productivity and competitiveness that have direct negative impacts on your bottom-line results. It is painful and frustrating to work in environments or with people who are not consistently accountable. 


For over 20 years ChoiceWorks has been developing unique accountability processes and mental models to overcome accountability challenges of all kinds. Just look at our definition of organizational accountability and you will see a difference.  

Organizational Accountability is owning the consequences of your choices in delivering the agreed to results that everyone owns but no one person controls, and helping other people do the same.


Our definition requires that you to set up clear accountabilities based on agreed to results, otherwise you are leaving accountability to chance. And it states clearly, if you or anyone agrees to work for an organization, you share the accountability for almost all the big results because every person has their part in producing the organization’s success and no one person can do it alone. When people buy into this definition they are saying yes to cross-functional teamwork, engagement and to supporting others. From the CEO to the person who empties the wastebasket at night, you all contribute in some way.


If you want to do a little self-evaluation and get started at leading accountability for results®, answer these questions:   

  • Are you taking the time to define, at the appropriate level of detail, exactly what you want others to agree to and deliver?

  • Are you asking for agreements or are you just assuming that they exist?

  • Are you confirming those agreements?

  • Are you tracking agreements people make with you?

  • Are you following up in a timely way to hold people accountable for the agreements they made with you?


There is nothing you have to learn to implement these ideas. To quote Yoda: “There is only do, or don’t do.” They just take practice.


You are accountable to drive accountability with the people you lead and collaborate with. If you said NO or sometimes to any of the questions above, you may want to learn more about our accountability training, coaching and interventions.


©2020, ChoiceWorks Inc.  25 Years -  Leading Accountability for Results®

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