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Silo management is the absence of cross-functional team work. When managers narrow their focus, compete for power and emphasize looking good over organizational success, the whole company suffers. People prioritize their own interests and protect their territories for many reasons, all of which impede high performance for what everyone owns but no one person controls; the big strategic goals and purpose of your organization.


At ChoiceWorks we align teams with a suite of solutions that motivate and equip people to move beyond their imaginary walls of protection, support alignment of organizational goals and actions, and shift their thinking and communication towards connection, mutual trust and collaboration. We collect data through online processes and direct conversations, identify the motivations and behaviors that stand in the way of cross-functional work and then address those challenges individually and in teams to align people to achieve your vision. Whether the silo is driven by one person, or multiple teams, we can overcome those barriers with our comprehensive approach to rapid change.

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