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Mastery in Leadership: Creating The Results You Want  

Leadership is a challenging, daily practice in these times of rapid, persistent change, and demand for innovation, speed, and quality. It is easy to lose sight of the difference you are making, why you want to lead in the first place, and where you want to go.

Mastery in Leadership provides a map and concrete methods for leading rather than bossing and the tools to lead oneself and others to build accountable, productive, and caring home and work environments.


People spend a huge amount of time evaluating and analyzing other people and events they cannot control.  The secret ingredient for effective leadership is Self-Evaluation, which develops these skills: 

  • Connect your actions to what you want and the results you produce to create lasting behavior and organizational change.
  • Replace doubting, criticizing, blaming, and analyzing yourself with self-acceptance, effective evaluation of your behavior, and using your strengths strategically to achieve your vision.
  • Learn to gain satisfaction from focusing on what you can control – your own behavior – and leading others to do the same.
  • Transform your behavior from mystery to mastery.  Take ownership for your talents, what you do well, and what you want to improve.

Self-evaluation and leading self-evaluation is the foundation for developing fundamental leadership skills in communication, feedback, coaching, building alignment and ownership, dealing with conflict and change, creating and realizing visions, and achieving and exceeding bottom line results consistently -- topics covered in this workshop.


            "I learned how to go after the results until satisfied - to breakthrough

            the gaps, my own and others." - Development Director, Multi-Media Network


           "I'm no longer afraid to confront and deal with conflict.  The results show it."

                                                                                                 -Vice President, Banking


           "I never realized spending 3 days learning about leadership could produce

           such immediate and long-lasting results."  - Entrepreneur/Owner/Partner, Real Estate Development


           "It amazes me how taking effective control of my behavior is the most powerful

           way to influence others to follow me." Director of Engineering Development


           "Having a clear picture of accountability and how to lead it has improved the work

           environment and the bottom line. The best investment I've made in myself as a leader."

                                                                    - Senior Vice President, Cosmetic Manufacturing

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