Deliver On Time - A Process Improvement Case Study

The Situation: Medium Sized High Quality Chemical Manufacturer

  • Current products are delivered late 35% of the time.
  • Costs are escalating due to inefficiencies in the development of new products and production.
  • There is a lack of trust between departments. Each department is working hard to achieve their own and differing objectives.
  • R&D and Manufacturing are competing for resources and in many cases do not communicate critical information to each other in a timely manner.
  • Business opportunities are lost due to the company's inability to deliver quickly.
  • Profits are dropping rapidly.
  • Several previous attempts to improve the process have failed and people are disillusioned.

The Goal:

  • Reduce the time it takes to produce and deliver customer orders while maintaining high quality products.
  • Improve on-time delivery from 65% to maximum permitted by current financial constraints.
  • Create a collaborative environment where people are aligned across functions and departments.

The Solution:

  • Develop effective leadership skills.
  • Shift the focus from evaluating others to looking at your own actions in leading business improvement.
  • Communicate and enroll the whole management team in the change effort.
  • Engage all departments in mapping the current process from customer request to product shipment.
  • Involve all workers in identifying constraints and opportunities to improve the process.
  • Facilitate departments to communicate and resolve differences between each other.
  • Establish processes that all workers and leaders agree to use to help build trust and cooperation.
  • Create an on-time measure for each department, with everyone working to achieve the same objectives.

Services Provided:

The Results:

  • On time delivery improved to 85% within 90 days.
  • People are cooperating and working across department boundaries to achieve their common objectives.

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