Learning to Manage Frustration - A Leadership Development Case Study

The Situation: Engineer at a Fortune 100 Company:

  • The engineer displayed offensive emotional outbursts (yelling, arguing, making disparaging remarks).
  • Company leadership considered the engineer a high potential person.
  • His behavior had to change or he would not be promoted or given new opportunities.

Our Goal:

  • Help the engineer manage himself more effectively when he is frustrated.

The Solution:

  • Help the engineer realize that he has choices.
  • Train him to self evaluate to take effective control of his choices and behaviors in frustrating situations.
  • Identify the situations that are difficult for him and how he can use his strengths in those situations.
  • Challenge him to use his strengths to think and act in new ways.
  • Gain agreement on specific behaviors he will apply and hold him accountable for keeping those agreements.
  • Provide feedback and encouragement to create the desired behavior change.
  • Identify the engineer's personal motivations for making the agreed to changes.

Services Provided:

  • Assess leadership Behaviors, Motivations, Emotional Intelligence, Worldview and Self view. More...
  • Executive coaching. More...

The Results:

  • The engineer manages himself effectively in situations that would have been difficult for him in the past.
  • He is excited about what he has accomplished and is confident that he can continue being effective.
  • He was rated as "exceeds expectations" in his recent performance review.
  • He received a large bonus and is being considered for several upcoming opportunities.

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